This is Mitsy. She belongs to neighbours over the road and she is quite a cat!

When Yvonne and Eddie are away for a while, Mitsy will appear. This year, she arrived the day of their departure, but before they'd actually left! The odd thing is that she is always fed by their next door neighbour, but seems to spend most of her time on our patio. Anyone can see that she simply adores company and will take any amount of fuss and stroking that anyone cares to put her way and because we virtually live on the patio in the summer, she likes to stick around.

However, we quickly learnt how much she likes to flex her claws on carpet after she snuck in one day and tried them out our new living room rug. Since then, she is never allowed in the house. She comes to the open back door, puts her paws on the threshold and stretches in as far as she can. She will occasionally make a break for the front door, if she sees it open or dash from the front to the back door. If it's closed she meows to be let out, then sits on the mat looking in. She seems to know what the rules are (most of the time) !

She just makes herself completely at home and will sleep on the patio day and night, either on a chair or on the bench. Not a bad choice, as the area is dry, sheltered and always available.

Nick Dad

She is incredibly friendly, quickly ingratiating herself with any visitors and is very popular.

She waits on our back step for us every morning and evening and meows relentlessly until we open the kitchen door. After a little petting, she will then sit quietly for hours, watching every move we make.

Week-days, she'll sit with (or normally between) us for breakfast and dinner, then all day at weekends. Like all cats, she is so inquisitive when it comes to food. Although she'll get a yoghurt lid or a tit-bit now and then, she normally gets the message that she's not going to get fed and disappears off home. This doesn't stop her investigating anything remotely edible however many times she's refused!

Although she will plonk herself down anywhere and on anyone, she does has a favorite position; namely my left shoulder - not my right! She regularly tries to get on that shoulder, particularly when we first meet up. She will circle around looking up at that shoulder working out how to get there. If I bend down, she's up, claws grappling to get tight against my neck, then she squeezes in as tight as possible. She wheezes and dribbles (she never purrs) squeezing and nudging until comfortable then, after a while, she groggily asks to be put down. Why? And why only me?

Although she likes to look around the garden and surroundings, she never strays far.

This autumn she has taken over a cardboard beer box, which again, she uses day and night.

However, as autumn turns wintry we spend less time outside and it becomes just too cold to leave the door open. Mitsy spends less and less time with us and opts for the comfort of her real home. Until next year, anyway.