As the pond and garden projects have progressed, we have been visited by lots of friends and family. Here are a few, with the most recent first!

June 2012 - At last! A lovely photo of our friends and neighbours Eddy & Yvonne. They were around for lunch, as they have been on numerous occasions, but this time, it was to use up left-overs from the Jubilee Celebrations. Eddy is sporting his new beard and looks amazingly distinguished.

Eddy and Yvonne

July 2008 - Christine, Helen, Carol and Annie held a quilting work session on the patio. They were working on their own quilts, but have created joint works entered under the group name “Four Friends and an un-picker“. Pleasant, but changeable weather couldn't disturb their concentration which was aided by copious rounds of tea and biscuits, and a passable lunch.

Christine, Helen, Carol and Annie

June 2008 - Christine and her sisters Caroline & Anne have just returned from a day out.

Christine, Caroline and Anne

What a difference 8 months makes... (May 2008).


Brother David this time (September 2007) with Susan, dad and Jackson.


February 2007 - Chris with his family - Nick, Jeanette and Beck.

Horsely Lodge Champion! Brother Christopher came with his son Nick to see our youngest brothers new baby - Chilli (thats another story!), but he also brought his ill-gotten gains from the previous days club championship. He beat a field of his clubs best players by 8 shots (they're looking up the record books) and so he's got every right to look proud. Well done Chris!

Chris is a green keeper at his local course just north of Derby, called Horsley Lodge. His wife Jeanette is the pro-shop manager and their son Nick helps out part time. They are all keen golfers which means that they spend most of their spare time on the course and have started to accumulate quite a few trophies!

Callum & Bradley

This is Callum & Bradley not just from next-door, but in next-door. During the re-building of the patio wall, there was nothing to separate the two patios and we saw a lot of the boys and had a lot of fun. Now the wall is back up, they have continued to pop over, even though they now have to walk around!

Roger and Stephen     Us for a change

April 06 - For our first meal off the new patio dining furniture we were joined by Roger (sans Frances, but we'll make it up to her soon). It was great to be able to put everything on the table and work our way through it rather than hopping up and down.

Gone fishing!

Jeanette and Christopher (sis-in-law & brother) came to stay for a few days in Oct/November 2005. They've decided to enlarge their pond and spent quite some time catching a few extra fish.

Cottesmore 4 - Roy, Geoff, me and Laurence Christine and that bloke again!

Four fifths of Cottesmore (John is missing). We have been railway modelling friends for over 30 years. There were mixed feelings about this get-together. Although it was great to have Roy, Geoff and Laurence to dinner, it was also the last time we were all together before Roy (& Jenny) retired to their new home near Loch Ness in Scotland. We wish them 'all the best' for the future.

Mum Dad (and a sleepy Mitzy)

We found these two waifs at the local station. They only wanted a sandwich but managed to squeeze down a massive lunch. Dad and Mitzy hit it off straight away although their mutual affection was tested during the dessert ...

Trust me, you wont like it! I might...

Believe it or not, these two did actually enjoy themselves (or so they said). To be fair, it was not a very nice day when two workmates, Glynnis & Steve, came for lunch. I hope they come again to experience the place at its best.

(Menu - Hot chicken salad with fresh wholemeal rolls, followed by fresh pineapple or cheese or both!)

Who are you looking at? I'm sure I saw my dinner move just then

This is Brackle. She belongs to our neighbours Sandra, Peter, Richard & Jack (yes, another Peter). Brackle does a very good impression of a cat cat that doesn't like to be messed around with, and she doesn't, but she does have an occasional soft moment. She also has a soft-spot for our pond!

Ultra cool Pete!

This is 'ultra cool Pete', our next door neighbour. Chilling out even more with a nice cuppa, having escaped from the kids for a few minutes. We'll have to catch Maureen, Bradley and baby Callum on camera, in due course.

Roger & Frances Roger & Frances

Roger (an old, old friend) and Frances, sampling the new bower.

This is Mitsy - or Fluffy as we were initially informed by the boys next door!.

She belongs to our neighbours Yvonne & Eddie. Whilst they were away on holiday last year, Mitsy wandered over to us and made herself at home. She slept on the patio at night and greeted us each morning, and then again when we arrived home at night, and then spent the evening with us on the patio. We gave her water, but never food, so we assume it was comfort / company she wanted and she stayed until the weather got too bad. We look forward to seeing her again this year.

She has her own page!

Laurence (ex-king maker) Murray

Laurence chose a gorgeous, sunny morning to visit and enjoyed the patio at its best. Laurence is a star pupil in the Belfield Hall Computer Classes, but can often be found wandering around the garden, waiting for the nurses to arrive.

Dora (Mum) waiting for a cuppa.

Yes, the bower IS sloping - it hasn't been levelled yet. We are looking at screening for the bottom half of the bower to create a snug, secluded spot to enjoy an afternoon cup of tea.