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Technically, there are two layouts in progress at present: Belfield Quay & Belfield Engineering. BQ came about as I hadn't started a new project for many, many years and constant nagging by life-long modelling friends Geoff & Laurence finally caused a seed of inspiration to germinate. With space being very limited, work on BQ was restricted to fine-weather days. Some time later, another layout was started, but it developed because it was smaller and could be setup in the clutter of the old garage. It also satisfied an urge to investigate another scale/gauge.

Belfield Quay Belfield QuayBelfield Engineering Belfield Engineering

Whilst being fully aware that 'one cannot rest on ones laurels' or 'live on past successes' or whatever, some earlier projects are recorded below because I'm quite proud of them! The high rate of UFO's (un-finished objects) is a little worrying, but I don't like to work on something for the sake of it. Once I lose interest, I tend to move on, but that doesn't mean I stop thinking about it or that it won't get finished - just not yet.

Belfield Hall Estate RailwayBelfield Hall Estate Railway

The Walking ManThe Walking Man

Belfield Light RailwayBelfield Light Railway


Belfield QuarryBelfield Quarry