O-16.5 - 7mm scale - 16.5mm gauge

This is one of my favourite models. It is a freelance works IC loco.

Why Spud? The chassis is the ubiquitous Tenshodo Spud. The rest of it is plasticard and strip wood. Oh, and some white metal axlebox covers and a couple of Kadee couplings. The round bits are either thick layers of plasticard filed to shape or thin plasticard over a wooden former. The radiator is a row of plastic rods. The bolts are by Grandt Line. The corugated roof is also plasticard.

The model won a 'Nosbert' at the 7mm NG Association AGM at Nottigham in 1990 - the same show that the BLR made its debut. A happy and memorable day for me!

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